The RF up converter product is built around a wideband quadrature modulator and broadband frequency synthesizer. The quadrature modulator features an extremely wide 500 MHz modulation bandwidth and operates over a very wide carrier frequency range from 10 MHz to 4 GHz. The on-board synthesizer features low phase noise and software controlled tuning across the full frequency range.

The product features ease of integration as an industry standard drop-in PCI Express card. Simple cable connections are made using SMA RF connectors. External reference presence is automatically detected and used to lock the internal synthesizer. A convenient reference clock output is available to synchronize other systems to the unit.

The following is a list of current RF up converter products with links to the corresponding datasheet.

Datasheet Link Type PCI
Model 150 Transmitter Gen1/Gen2


Prior generations of analog/digital signal converter products are not listed here, but documentation and code can still be downloaded using the main menu above.